Fountains Court

Situated near the beautiful North Bay, Scarborough, my hotel specialises in bespoke health breaks; rest & recuperation; themed residential workshops (focusing mainly on wellbeing and spiritual development); oh, and if you a little pampering – that too (facials, hand and foot massages, breakfast-in-bed …)

Fountains Court was a dream come true. I had been a Holistic Therapist  for fifteen years and had often talked to my offspring – Sophie, Tom and Eddie, about creating a space where people could stay for a few days, other than an hour or so … to really make a difference to their wellbeing.

It wasn’t called Fountains Court back-then, and it was perhaps too big but it had  an ‘energy’ I couldn’t ignore and simply had to have it.

So it was re-named and feng-shui’d; an area was transformed into a Treatment Centre; a Zen Garden created and the bedrooms modernised. I’m telling you – at times it was more a nightmare than a dream but encouragement and help came when least expected and the dream became a reality.

Also, and coincidently, the strap-line was ‘Changing the way you feel’ so even 12 years ago it was already a theme very much in my mind.

This page will highlight Fountains Court events, news and tasty recipes. We specialise in different diet requirements and I love creating new dishes, so be prepared for something  … well …. different!

It will also, from time to time, spotlight one of our 30+ therapies & treatments.

The lilac treatment room
The Lilac room