The Power of a Smile

To smile is truly transformational – I’ve been practising this uniquely human ability more  recently and not just for the benefit of others but for my own. You see, to smile is to reverse the act of scowling, frowning, chewing lips, clenching teeth – which we do without thinking – when we spill something,  are running late, … More The Power of a Smile

Watch this space!

Transformation is on its way  and we can all each for the sky! At Fountains Court we are busy creating a great programme of unique residential retreats and workshops for 2018 to help anyone reach their full potential in a relaxed, non-competitive, entertaining and informative way. (Suitable for CPD.) It is a fabulous way to combine a short … More Watch this space!

Can’t sing – won’t sing … think again!!

Okay, so my blog, in a nutshell and in case you hadn’t noticed, is about transformation … from the ordinary to the extraordinary … and I just love sharing this space with anyone else who offers bespoke, unique, fresh or new ideas that can help individuals transform any aspect of their existence. Music can be … More Can’t sing – won’t sing … think again!!