The Power of a Smile

To smile is truly transformational – I’ve been practising this uniquely human ability more  recently and not just for the benefit of others but for my own. You see, to smile is to reverse the act of scowling, frowning, chewing lips, clenching teeth – which we do without thinking – when we spill something,  are running late, … More The Power of a Smile

Have Yourselves a very Cranberry Christmas!

Cranberries can transform ordinary food into something colourful and festive. Be it porridge, trifles, pancakes, cheese & biscuits, pate & toast or as a topping on chocolate brownies. All you do is stir-fry the cranberries in a non-stick wok or large frying pan in a little butter and listen to them pop! Keep tossing them … More Have Yourselves a very Cranberry Christmas!

Homo spiritus LIVE!

You’ve read the book (maybe) now live it for real! For all you amazing people now is the chance to experience being a different kind of human during three days of practical and mindful teaching; experiments and even field work! You will explore the Dark and Bright side of love and change your relationships, past … More Homo spiritus LIVE!

Love vegan cooking!

I love the challenge of cooking vegan, it stretches my imagination … the use of texture and colour, not to mention gorgeous flavours! So when guests at Fountains Court requested a vegan lunch for today, I said ‘no problem’. Today is was homemade mushroom soup (lightly steamed cauliflower whizzed into plenty of sautéed mushroom and … More Love vegan cooking!

Creating an ‘author’s platform’ takes a lot of …

… time, energy and commitment, particularly if you’re an Indie; and it’s no use being a shrinking violet either, because inevitably you will be talking to strangers and … well …blowing your own trumpet or at least promoting your work. A book-signing event involves all these things but even if it makes your toes curl … More Creating an ‘author’s platform’ takes a lot of …

When life presents too many choices!

Sometimes, having too many directions can completely overwhelm, this is when Life Coaching can help, as I recently discovered. My session with Lesley, in the comfort of the lounge at my hotel, Fountains Court, went way beyond my expectations! In a nutshell, Lesley presented me with various scenarios, based on a questionnaire I had previously … More When life presents too many choices!