Have Yourselves a very Cranberry Christmas!

Cranberries can transform ordinary food into something colourful and festive. Be it porridge, trifles, pancakes, cheese & biscuits, pate & toast or as a topping on chocolate brownies. All you do is stir-fry the cranberries in a non-stick wok or large frying pan in a little butter and listen to them pop! Keep tossing them … More Have Yourselves a very Cranberry Christmas!

Love vegan cooking!

I love the challenge of cooking vegan, it stretches my imagination … the use of texture and colour, not to mention gorgeous flavours! So when guests at Fountains Court requested a vegan lunch for today, I said ‘no problem’. Today is was homemade mushroom soup (lightly steamed cauliflower whizzed into plenty of sautéed mushroom and … More Love vegan cooking!

When life presents too many choices!

Sometimes, having too many directions can completely overwhelm, this is when Life Coaching can help, as I recently discovered. My session with Lesley, in the comfort of the lounge at my hotel, Fountains Court, went way beyond my expectations! In a nutshell, Lesley presented me with various scenarios, based on a questionnaire I had previously … More When life presents too many choices!

When two minds click …

… expect something magical. When a photographer I had never met offered to take some photos of my hotel, Fountains Court, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Caroline duly arrived, camera at the ready, and as I tried to explain my preference for cameo-style photos … ‘you know,’ I said.  ‘Something quirky and a bit … She interrupted me … More When two minds click …