Homo spiritus

So, this is my first published book  ‘Homo spiritus – a different kind of human’.

It had been in my head a long time and then, during a period of forced ‘inactivity’ last autumn/winter (shingles and a crisis with the gas supply at my hotel – Fountains Court) gave me the opportunity to get it written and published. (Synchronicity can sometimes be alarming).

This is what the book is about …

Homo spiritus is a self-help book to inspire healing, motivation and spiritual growth. It is about Transformational Change which is currently happening at all levels, with individuals and society, and  this book aims to show that we can, if we choose, steer this change to new and better horizons!

It’s about Evolution of the mind, body and spirit  and to move forward we have to let go of the past – the very distant past – which is a heavy anchor and buried deep so it ain’t easy.

This blog page will be illustrating key points of Homo spiritus, as well as letting you know what’s happening with its own evolution!

To date, it has been in print just a few weeks, reached the no 1 spot on the top ten of Lulu bookselling site and has sold nearly 50 copies so I am well and truly gob-smacked, thrilled and humbled.


To download on Kindle click here

Hard copy book available on Amazon Prime

Also available on Lulu

It can also be purchased from my wellbeing hotel Fountains Court in Scarborough UK – £9.50 (+ £2.00 for p&p if not collected)

Personally, I am enjoying every step of the journey; it isn’t always plain sailing (not another typo!!!) and I look forward to sharing the ups and downs with you all.

We cannot change the past but we can heal it.