About Me


Okay, as a small child I loved to invent stories – about puppies, toothbrushes (?) ponies and ladybirds … so ‘writing’ was my first passion, followed closely by a deep curiosity and sense of wonder about the natural world.


I actually enjoyed school (we had hamsters in the classroom) and a big field was our playground where we made forbidden dens in the hedges.

Being a typical Sagittarius I have always loved travel and welcomed change – a nomadic life would suit me well.

I was a good student if the subject interested me and my favourite were English, Biology, Geography and History. (Not so hot on the mathematics & physics.)

After Higher Education all I wanted to do was travel ( a degree in Philosophy was to come years later). My parents insisted I gained some kind of qualification and since I enjoyed making omelettes I went to the Cordon bleu cookery school in London.

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Armed with a diploma in haute cuisine I worked and travelled in Europe and North America – loving every minute of it – absorbing languages, cultures, customs and food!


In my thirties I found myself back in England, married and by the time I was 35 had three gorgeous babies. This was when I sat the Mensa Test – and passed (anything to keep the brain cells working) and also started a degree in Philosophy with Humanities.

When my children were all at school I started training as a holistic therapist (the mind-body connection had long fascinated me). I changed the dining room into a ‘treatment room’ and the rest is history.

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‘floral’ chakras

Fountains Court was created in 2005 and is where I still live and work; my children have long flown the nest to follow their own dreams and have scattered far and wide. My mother, who is a remarkable 94 year old, says I have only myself to blame for this.

And so, to keep myself busy and fulfilled I now venture into the world of blogging and publishing (at last!)  Homo spiritus is my first published book and together with this Blog aims to share and support Transformational Change which has become a driving force in my life.

I hope you enjoy sharing this adventure with me, my name is Helen Marriott