Transforming Soups into Meals


I love making soups and it’s so easy to make a meal of them. My basic recipe is to soften vegetables in a little oil or butter then simply add a couple of good quality stock cubes in a litre of boiling water and simmer with the lid on, until tender.
Sometimes it’s nice to go for a colour ie. a green soup or an orange soup or a red one – simply use vegetables of that colour.
For added substance include potato.

Now, to turn it into a meal add any of the following to your pan and reheat just before serving:
Cubes of cheese.
Flaked cooked fish or poultry.
Cooked rice.
Cooked pasta.
A carton of soya cream.
Croutons of toasted bread and sprinkle with parmesan.

A tin of sweetcorn or a scoop of pesto, or tinned tomatoes; beans or chickpeas or lentils all add substance and flavour, not to mention herbs and spices.

Be INVENTIVE and have fun!

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