Hello? The Cosmos is calling …

receiving info

Does anyone get the feeling that Global Transformation has upped its game since the start of 2018? If Facebook is anything to go by then an awful lot of groups, websites, International Speakers, .orgs etc are beaming out their messages of Unity, Shift, Consciousness, meditation, wellness etc.
And by ‘awful’ I mean it as in a sense of awe!
The thing is this … it’s happening to us as individuals too. Subliminal messages are there for us to see and hear if our eyes and ears are open. Sometimes they can appear as a sequence of three or four numbers, repeatedly – and when you tune-in to this it’s a good idea to google a numerology site and investigate – you’ll be glad you did.
A colleague has been getting ‘let go’.
A guest has been getting ‘all good things come to those who wait’.
For me, I’ve been seeing and hearing the message ‘simplify your life’.
Thank you, Cosmos – received and understood.
What Cosmic message is being transmitted your way?

2 thoughts on “Hello? The Cosmos is calling …

  1. All the above plus faith trust focus and discipline. Clarity of vision. I’m often getting told to slow down. If I slow down anymore I feel like I will stop. I have made a pledge with myself and hit walls to let go by trying to change my approach to look through the eyes of a child. Children haven’t developed as many fears and adapt easier life’s often described by some as a game, so play more this helps us be less serious and the walls naturally come down allowing universal flow to come to you easier. Let go and let god … create the life you want. Xxx


    1. Hello Sandie, couldn’t agree more! We are born with only two innate fears – that of falling and loud noises, so all our other fears we learn from a sense of failure and rejection from childhood upwards. Letting go of these conditioned fears can change our lives.


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