Serendipity … or is it?

sound waves
This summer, at Fountains Court, I had a guest staying for a bespoke health break who had suffered for years with a muscle weakness in one limb (cause unknown) … how I wished we had a Kinesiologist* on our list of practitioners.
A few weeks ago the door bell rang and there stood Anna – recently moved into the area and looking for a new Centre to practice from … she was a health
Not only that, like most independent health professionals, Anna embraces a truly holistic and unified approach to her work and her life – she is also a musician and this is her story …

“I was brought up in York and studied Music at Birmingham Conservatoire, followed by teacher training in London. I began exploring complementary therapies when my children were small and trained in Health Kinesiology after experiencing what a gentle and supportive healing modality it is.
I added Sound Therapy training, since this seemed an obvious avenue for me as a musician. I love the combination of Kinesiology and Sound, they work perfectly together!”

Needless to say, I needed to know more so have booked to have a session with Anna and shall report back!

Anna can be contacted on Mob: 07840 414047 and at:

* Put simply, Kinesiology is a muscle strength testing technique,diagnostic tool and treatment modality based on the belief that various muscles are linked to particular organs and glands. I did a short course many years ago and was deeply impressed.

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