When life presents too many choices!


Sometimes, having too many directions can completely overwhelm, this is when Life Coaching can help, as I recently discovered. My session with Lesley, in the comfort of the lounge at my hotel, Fountains Court, went way beyond my expectations!

In a nutshell, Lesley presented me with various scenarios, based on a questionnaire I had previously completed. By asking me questions I’d never think of asking myself  Lesley helped me arrive at a decision that has left me reeling!

It’s all about prioritising, though to speak of it would be the ‘kiss of death’ because it has to be an organic and slow transformation – one that is barely noticed by the outside world. Or me!

So be it. In a year or two I hope to look back at this moment and say ‘wow, it happened and with no derailment or catastrophe.’

I asked Lesley for a definition of Life Coaching and she said : ‘We often seek answers from a wide variety of sources when the truest of them tend to come from within. Coaching helps you to find your own solutions so that you can move forward in any area in which you are feeling stuck or unfulfilled, be this in your career, relationship or any other aspect of life.’

Amen to that! Thanks Lesley and I know where to find you if I have another wobble. Lesley Hodgson can be contacted on 07946612621 or via Fountains Court 01723 381118.

lesley photo



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