I want to be like a Cat …


… because life is all about balance and cats are the experts! Have you noticed how they fix their gaze on where they’re going? They’re so sure-footed, confident and single minded and they are also experts at sleeping, playing or simply doing nothing!

That’s why I want to be more like a cat because recently life is feeling wobbly; I have too many goals on  the horizon;  my life balance of work, play, rest and sleep is … err … non existent.

There, its been said!

So, before I fall off the fence here’s what I’m going to do … I am going to book some Life Coaching. This will be a first – I always thought Life Coaching was for other people but my intuition tells me ‘nuh huh, Life Coaching is for anybody’, so it’s time to call my friend and colleague – Lesley Hodgson …

… Lesley?   HELP!!







3 thoughts on “I want to be like a Cat …

  1. No harm in focussing on you for a bit. You do a lot for other people. Good luck with the coaching and I hope it gives you some clarity 🙂 Best wishes from Caroline


  2. I have just read about how you would like to be like a cat, focused, knowing just what they are aiming for, no stress, no hurry for what they want, I too would like to be that way, I often watch the reactions of my cat, I too find it hard at times having to struggle & juggle & still chase around at 72 but I do feel that I am better with my adrenalin flowing, I just have to stop occasionally & priorotise, but for me thats hard. So reading about someone like you somehow makes me stop & think, so thank you, if I can find time I will drop by the library.


    1. Hi Jenny, good to hear from you, you are remarkable for your years! Hope to see you today for the book signing event, no worries if not.


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