Watch this space!

reach for the sky

Transformation is on its way  and we can all each for the sky! At Fountains Court we are busy creating a great programme of unique residential retreats and workshops for 2018 to help anyone reach their full potential in a relaxed, non-competitive, entertaining and informative way. (Suitable for CPD.)

It is a fabulous way to combine a short break including good food and a beautiful location with the chance to expand your self-knowledge and meet like-minded people.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s ahead …

Detox Special; A Meaningful Life;  Be who you were born to be; Psychic Discovery; Silent Retreat; Yoga retreat; Homo-spiritus Workshop; WRAP weekend (Wellness Recovery Action Plan); Goddess Retreat …. and that’s just for the first 6 months!

So, if you’re curious about such things as NLP, life coaching, meditation, tarot reading, mindfulness, weight loss, transformation, yoga, stress management etc and wonder how these can change your life then …

… Keep watching this space!

(if you have any enquiries do please get in touch with me – Helen Marriott.)

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