When two minds click …

… expect something magical.


When a photographer I had never met offered to take some photos of my hotel, Fountains Court, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Caroline duly arrived, camera at the ready, and as I tried to explain my preference for cameo-style photos … ‘you know,’ I said.  ‘Something quirky and a bit …

She interrupted me at once and said, with a twinkle in her eye, that she knew exactly what I had in mind and trotted off to do things her way. Half an hour later she was done and we said goodbye – one Indie to another.

A few days later 70 photographs were delivered by Dropbox – now I can only show a few on my blog – others are on Fountains Court Facebook and more will appear soon on the website – and I love them all …

Who would have thought a towelling robe could be a work of art …


or ‘clean lines’ so attractive ..


or a bookcase so enticing?

porch2Thank you, Caroline!

Caroline’s Facebook is CREW photography.

2 thoughts on “When two minds click …

  1. Brilliant blog Helen.
    Many thanks again for welcoming me into your home and business and for your kind yours.
    I loved taking them and am glad you do too.



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