Did you know that grass …


… seriously helps keep us alive? The other day,  a new client at Fountains Court treatment centre – a turf-grower-supplier (with a  bad back), told me that 60 sqm of lawn can keep two adults supplied with sufficient oxygen for a whole year! That grass removes more co2 and provides more oxygen that the rain forests! That lawns are particularly important because they stay green all year round – unlike trees that lose their leaves.

And that’s not all …

… there is now a lawn turf called fescue (that’s a nice word – rhymes with rescue) that is slow growing; so you only have to mow your lawn a few times a year!!! There are species of fescue that are hardy and salt resistant – ideals for coastal areas such as Scarborough.

So, maybe … if we’re thinking of paving over our bits of lawn, or putting down gravel etc we should think again or think of fescue.

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