A Shaman’s Tale – Part 2

sandra2A shaman’s tools are fascinating and if you’ve never had a shamanic healing then expect the unexpected because these tools, and the shaman’s voice, will take you into an ancient landscape full of symbols and sounds that somehow resonate even with the most sceptical mind.

I had already experienced a one-hour session with Sandra and ‘discovered’ my power animal – much to my astonishment.

Well, last week I had a second session and received a silver crown from the Chamber of Gifts; used fire (!) to let go of a self-limiting contract I had once ‘made’ with myself as a child; experienced two extractions ( and we’re not talking about teeth); and was finally blessed with a Soul Retrieval – an aspect of which Sandra described as a blue orb and which she blew into my throat chakra.

Sandra had also told me to look out for a picture or object that would remind me of this – such things often show-up in this reality, she said. (Yeah, right!)

Both sessions had started with Sandra calling from the Four Directions and the Pachamama – Father sky, Mother earth; her voice changed constantly in depth and tone and I remember powerful words as she had called to the Sun beyond the Sun; to the archetypes and archangels of the tradition – to Jaguar and Eagle. At times there had been the sound of whistling and the shake of a rattle.

Now, sitting in my lounge, surrounded by her tools, I asked Sandra about this opening ceremony – it had been truly transfixing.

‘Words and imagery have great power’, she said. ‘They can speak to our Sacred Self to remind us of our own divinity before we became separated from the Earth and from the rest of creation. The Sun beyond the Sun is an Illuminating quantum energy that overwrites our energy centres – our chakras – it reforms them and starts the cleansing process.

‘And Jaguar and Eagle?’

‘They represent flight and flight and are called down to de-activate fear that has become embedded in our energetic, physical and spiritual bodies … fear that arises from so many themes – shock, illness, abandonment; shame etc.’

Early on in both sessions Sandra had asked me to choose a stone out of a collection of 13, from her Mesa – her bundle of tools wrapped in a woven cloth.

‘These stones are called Khaya,’ explained Sarah. ‘They, together with my wand of quartz crystal, are used to extract energy blocks which may be present from birth or even before birth, as ancestral or karmic burdens or unfinished business or trauma.

‘You see, everything is energy and when energy becomes blocked your life cannot flow. An important part of a shaman’s work is Destiny Retrieval, so that a new future – your true destiny can then present itself.’

I remember Sandra had asked me to speak and blow into my Khaya words that expressed my present-state hopes and fears for the future. I understood that breath is the same as spirit (see Homo spiritus) and during my sessions both Sandra and I had used breathing as a conscious activity.

For most of my healing, however, I had laid on a couch with my eyes closed, so, apart from sounds and imagery and breath control I had witnessed little of Sandra’s work.

‘What did you do with my Khaya when I gave it back to you?’ I asked.

Sandra smiled. ‘First I tracked your energy field with my crystal wand, searching for blocked energy, aided by Jaguar and the ‘shaman’s way of seeing’. These blocks may be seen as a solid or fluid or a ‘being’ who has been attracted to your energy field through a close emotional connection from this life or the past and may need assistance to return to Source or the land of the Ancestors so that they may continue their journey.’

My eyes popped. ‘And then?’

‘Then I placed your Khaya on the compromised chakras, to assist in the extraction of the heavy energy or Hucha and once removed I called down the Sun beyond the Sun to fill those empty spaces –  to reorganise the chakras – so you do not call back the old stories … and so the cleansing is complete.’

I took a deep breath. ‘And the Soul Retrieval?’

‘The whole aim of a shamanic healing is to help someone let go of what may be holding them back so they can fulfil their life’s purpose. This can only be achieved when we are fully present – shock, injury, disease, trauma etc. can sometimes cause a ‘piece’ of our soul to depart – we literally jump out of our skin, so after the cleansing process a shaman then can do a Soul Retrieval.’

‘And that was when you blew a gust of air into my throat chakra?’


Puffing out my cheeks I stared again at Sandra’s tools. ‘And the rest of these objects?’

‘Before and after any healing the shaman must cleanse the space and for that I use the condor feather, herb, smoke and rattles.’

I nodded, somehow it made a kind of sense for it had been an extraordinary process from start to finish and yet the most unexpected occurred a few days later. On Thursday evening we had a Cygnus Café at Fountains Court and someone found a pack of oracle cards – beautifully illustrated. I picked a card, turned it over and found … a blue orb with a silver crown and a cryptic message.

Now, only I and the shaman knew what I had breathed into my Khaya for my future hopes … so, after picking myself up from the floor, all I could think was ‘bloody hell, I’d better pull my socks up’.

Because one thing I do know, even if the way is made clear for us, only we can make it happen.


Sandra can be contacted  at http://www.sacredvision.co.uk




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