Turning a Crisis into an Opportunity …

… transforming a disaster into a triumph! It can happen, and what can be sweeter than giving ‘bad luck’ a flick on the nose and saying, ‘stand back, mister, watch this!’

It happened to me, last November. First a virulent fever struck, then shingles, then the gas meter man said the metre at Fountains Court (also our family home) was  ‘illegal’ and ‘dangerous’ (it was a domestic one and had to be changed to a commercial metre) and he capped us off. NIGHTMARE!

It meant buying electric heaters; a new gas mains; digging up the forecourt; holes in the pavement, gas fitters, new meter box outside the building (not aloud in cupboard under the stairs – new regulations) not to mention realms of paperwork and there I was all hot and bothered and blistered.

The hotel had to close and it took three months to get sorted (Christmas and New Year came along, see, so everything came to a standstill). For all that time we had a very limited supply of gas,  an empty hotel and I had an opportunity.

It wasn’t until the other day when someone asked me when I had found the time to write a book that the light dawned.

I wrote ‘Home spiritus – a different kind of human’ during that winter crisis; if it hadn’t have been for that dark time the book would still be in my head.

The thing is … I didn’t actually say ‘ good-o, here’s a disaster, let’s see what I can make of it’ … now that would have been extremely homo spiritus of me. What I did do was seize the day because it’s true – every cloud has a silver lining and  that is something worth looking for because who knows … the sun might break through!


4 thoughts on “Turning a Crisis into an Opportunity …

  1. Hi Helen – enjoyed your article. Life does present us with challenges and opportunities.
    It’s what we do with them that leads to personal growth.
    The old saying that ‘as one door closes, another one opens’ is also true. Sometimes a door closes for good and there’s always a reason, although we might not be able to understand why at the time or be content with what is happening in our lives.
    But out of the challenges comes light, moving forward to embrace something new.

    I’m currently writing a proposal for Routledge for some of my workbooks I’ve designed on Loss – so onwards and forwards to whatever emerges 👍👍
    Congratulations on your book and to your ability to embrace difficult moments Helen .

    Chris Redfern
    Author of ‘Shades of Self – Poetic Integration’
    Integrative Psychotherapust


  2. Helen lol one of my sayings is “I will probably do that when I break my leg and can’t do anything else” hahahaha. Glad it turned out the way it did 🙂


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