I didn’t believe in a Power Animal until ….

For days now I have been pondering this blog – do I dare to bare my soul? Will people believe me? The thing is, a shamanic healer called into Fountains Court recently to offer her services. As with all new therapists I asked for a trial session, two hours is her usual time scale but I could only spare one – it would be enough for me to get an idea of how Sandra works.

Now, I know quite a bit about shamanic healing and guessed I’d be taken on a ‘journey’ to find my Power Animal, and I was right. In the past I have always ‘decided’ consciously on my power animal (sorry, but it’s true) and, having a strong imagination, that was easy enough.

This time I ‘decided’ on a hare and as my mind’s eye stared to imagine this animal I experienced a massive jolt as something completely unexpected trotted into ‘view’.

A little white mare – high stepping – right up to me where I ‘stood’ in a green meadow. Sandra was brilliant with her guided questions and I have to say the next 15 minutes taught me a great deal. Sandra advise me to ‘evoke’ the white mare (and the attributes she signified for me) everyday for the next 28 moon cycle.

Guess what? Something is working – I feel stronger that ever.

So, what does this all mean? As an answer-seeker I have pondered this and while I suspect my subconscious  mind conjured the white mare ( extraordinary in itself) I also realise that the strengths this animal signifies for me i.e. steadfastness, stamina, strong back, confidence and the ability to roam and always to find my way home are exactly the strengths I need right now – and maybe always have.

white mare

No wonder its my Power Animal.

P.s. I hope to interview Sandra soon, so watch this space.



2 thoughts on “I didn’t believe in a Power Animal until ….

    1. Hi Trish, there’s no easy answer to that question! I shall let Sandra answer – I’m interviewing her tomorrow so look out for the blog post.


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