Transforming women’s lives!

Meet Andrea … creator of Nourishing & Nurturing Women’s Soul Retreats.


… I hosted one of Andrea’s Retreats recently, at Fountains Court, and it was such a magical weekend … yoga, crystals, essences, relaxation, meditation, drumming, cliff-top walks, Reiki … cake!

Seven ladies attended, with the aim of transforming their lives by learning how to nourish and nurture their souls and to celebrate the Goddess of the feminine spirit.

I asked Andrea how and why she had developed these Retreats.

“I started to learn Dru yoga about twenty years ago, after a bout of anxiety, panic attacks and depression ,” she explained. “It made such a difference that I decided to train as a Dru Yoga teacher and also as a Therapist in Complementary Medicine. It was when my mother was diagnosed with cancer, four years ago that a transformation happened.’

I looked at her. ‘How do you mean?’

‘My wonderful mother was only sixty eight and she was terminally ill, so I took three months off work to be with her and to help care for her. We taught each other so much – I realised how hard she had always worked, never allowing herself time-out, always caring for someone, or cleaning, doing chores; never putting herself first.

‘ I nurtured her and was able to encourage my mother to talk about her death, she even recorded her own eulogy – it was a beautiful experience for us both. In a sense I had midwifed my mother’s death and it felt so natural and was healing for us both.

‘The End of Life is another step in our soul’s journey and I now work as a volunteer at a local hospice as a soul midwife, women-to-women . But I also realised that our nurturing needs to start as young women! We need to fill our own cup before we can give to others, something my mother never did.’

‘So, how do you think your Nourishing, Nurturing Women’s Soul Retreats do this?’  I asked.

‘By creating a community for women to come together, which is non-competitive, heart-based and authentic. My retreats give women permission to relax, to indulge in their senses; to  laugh and maybe cry together.’

Well, I certainly heard laughter, music, drumming and caught the scent of perfumes and incense and glimpsed a giant carrot cake.

I was on the fringe of the Retreat but even so, it did feel wonderfully nurturing.

Andrea lives in York, she holds women Wellness days and yoga & meditation classes too. her website is and her e mail is




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