Wish I could get inside the head of ….

… Karin Jonzen – who? What? Why?  You may well ask, so let me explain …

At a recent visit to the city of London I stumbled across a sculpture (as previously mentioned) and fell in love with it.

beyond tomorrow

I love these two young people, the tilt of their chins, the way they look towards the far horizon with interest and hope. They are relaxed and graceful, united and supportive.

A small plaque said simply :

‘ Beyond Tomorrow’

Karin Jonzen 1972′

Now, that’s over 45 years ago!

I walked away feeling uplifted and that my day had been transformed, somehow. Maybe this is the secret of Great Art – that it gives meaning to all people, for all times.

I also wondered what had inspired this work? Who was Karin? so, when I got home, to Scarborough, I did some research and discovered she was born in 1914 so she was nearly 60 when she did this sculpture  (woohoo, go girl!).

She died in 1998 and an obituary in the Independent revealed an interesting and unusual life. I felt a connection – and it was more than a shared birth month … which is why I would so much like to get inside her head.




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