Not a city girl, however …

This week I was in the City of London – the ancient Square Mile to be precise – with medieval street names and echoes of Guilds, money lenders, banks and commerce and as I explored (got lost) among the hidden ways, admiring the old and the new, I realised something magical:

Despite being decimated by the Great Fire of London in 1666 and then by bombs in the Blitz of World war II this Square Mile had risen from the ashes – it had been transformed, not once but twice.

Cities do this – not just London but the world over, it will happen in Mosul  and Raqqa too because people are extraordinary; there is homo spiritus in all of us and then I chanced upon a statue – an angel’s wing and that made me stop …

city 2

And then I chanced upon another statue, which took my breath away, titled ‘Beyond Tomorrow’ but that’s for later.





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