Transform your Office!

receptionSeveral people – guests, clients and staff comment on our office at Fountains Court   – here’s the photo again and this time don’t ignore the budgie! You see, it is all designed on the basics of  Fen Shui …

First, note the colours – cool green and blue to balance out the hot-red activity of phones, computers,  internet connections, card machines etc. The ceiling is snow white ceiling to lift the energies and help with breathing!

One complete wall is a photo mural of snow capped mountains and a crystal calm lake to balance out the frenetic mental activity of  a busy office … phone calls, multi conversations, queues, questions etc.

And it works … with a little help from a salt-rock lamp to emit negative ions and a budgie called Spike … who never attempts to fly away and fills every beating heart with joy.

Tempers remain calm, patience isn’t a problem, we don’t have too many electrical/computer/internet glitches, so who knows … maybe the harmonious principles of Feng Shui go deeper than we realise!

office wall

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