Can’t sing – won’t sing … think again!!

Okay, so my blog, in a nutshell and in case you hadn’t noticed, is about transformation … from the ordinary to the extraordinary … and I just love sharing this space with anyone else who offers bespoke, unique, fresh or new ideas that can help individuals transform any aspect of their existence.

Music can be astonishingly transformative and if you’re lucky enough to live in North Yorkshire and have a yearn to sing but don’t believe you can then allow me to introduce to you SARAH DEW.

Actually, Sarah’s teaching method  has an anonymous entry in Homo spiritus (if you’ve read my book you may have spotted it) … she is that good … no, seriously just read what’s below – it says it all … ‘Singing for Wellbeing – Bespoke Music Lessons’  WOW!   Then write to her

sarah (2).jpg


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