Reiki to the Rescue!


When you wake-up feeling decidedly off-colour with a scratchy throat and no appetite, the best thing you can do, as well as drinking hot water, lemon and honey, is to waylay one of your Rieki friends a.s.a.p. and nab them for ten minutes of their time. It doesn’t matter where you sit –  on top of the laundry box is fine!

Thank you, Lesley,  for your precious ten minutes this morning. Feeling so much better. (Lesley works at Fountains Court, her own website is and her first words were, ‘Helen, have you been working too hard?’  There was no need to hesitate or lie … ‘Yes’ said I, promptly. She laughed. ‘Maybe you should take you own advice, then.’

She was, of course referring to Homo spiritus and she was right. Let it be known, then, that next Thursday 13 July will be a rest day for yours truly.

2 thoughts on “Reiki to the Rescue!

    1. so true,Jane; guess the secret is to keep trying and take note when we fail and that big foot descends from the sky and squashes us flat!


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