Kindle success!


Homo spiritus is on Kindle!! Being an Indie author this took some doing and I’m very grateful for Frank, the acupuncturist at Fountains Court, who is far more computer savvy than I am and who sat with me for the last hurdle or two (and he made me a cup of tea!) I don’t think either of us truly believed it when we were told the download had been completed – we kinda stared at each other with our mouths open!

So, Homo spiritus is now much more affordable and I can get on with my second book, ‘Three Worlds’. Hopefully my next Kindle adventure will be easier and quicker, though I shan’t hold my breath.

To download on Kindle click here

Hard copy book available on Amazon Prime

Also available on Lulu

It can also be purchased from my wellbeing hotel Fountains Court in Scarborough UK – £9.50 (+ £2.00 for p&p if not collected)




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