Homo spiritus workshops

Received a lovely letter  from a guest who stayed at Fountains Court recently and who enjoyed our food (wheat & dairy free by request) and who also bought a copy of Homo spiritus.

Just want to say that details of residential workshops – which promise to be fun, demanding and transformational – will soon be available for anyone wishing to put into practice being a Homo spiritus.

If you’d like these details at time of press, drop me a line and you will be offered an early bird discount.

brigid letter

2 thoughts on “Homo spiritus workshops

  1. Hi Helen
    having reading your book whilst enjoying a wonderful if short relaxing break and reiki session with Leslie at Fountains Court this week. I wanted to share the following.
    After reading homo spiritus and re remembering how the mind body spirit link works I had an aha! moment.
    Could I have found a way out of my personal loop-de-loop of migraines? Does my body believe I am in a state of extreme fear because I have a permanent dry mouth? ( side effect of migraine Meds)
    Is this why my blood pressure and cholesterol levels rise so high I need medication to offset the side effects of the migraine Meds? Which is when I stop taking the migraine Meds and go round another loop-de-loop as migraines come back.
    Armed with these questions and feed back from Leslies reiki (needed lots of work to balance heart and throat chakras)
    I had a very good discussion ( 15 minutes) on how to move forward with my wonderful holistic GP today.
    Results of my blood tests confirm. I am menopausal and that cholesterol levels are far too high.
    Also even though blood pressure has come down( and regardless of why it’s this way we discussed mind body dry mouth /fear questions it needs immediate treatment as my heart is having to work too hard putting me at high risk of stroke ( no wonder heart chakra needed lots of work)
    So together we have formulated a short term plan… Black Cohosh, light clothing, cool showers, fans,fresh air to deal with menopause.. ( just a short diversion here but funny how things appear when needed Pauls currently working on putting together an online learning package for dealing and understanding menopause in the work place)
    Combination of Blood pressure medication, daily blood pressure checks (6 times 3 am and 3 pm as GP thinks it’s spiking ( hence heart chakra out of balance) and we need to check her theory. Meditation using belly breathing and bringing moisture into mouth ( book so helpful in reminding me of this) whenever become aware of dry mouth as well as drinking water. Plus reducing migraine Meds from 75 mg to 50 mg daily to help reduce the dry mouth and body’s reaction to it.
    This is our short term plan and we get together in two weeks time to discuss and decide where next.
    Part of our medium term plan is to do a full blood work up to check vitamin levels plus thyroid, liver and kidney function (possibly why throat chakra needing lots of work.)
    I’m pretty certain I have found a way to use traditional and complementary medicine ( or as I’m coming to think of it the yin and yang of medicinal knowledge) which will break my migraine loop-de-loop.
    What a difference a two day break at fountains court can make.
    Thanks for being there
    Love n light Dee xx


    1. Hi Dee, That is SO interesting!! How wonderful to have a holistically minded doctor and to be able to combine the allopathic with the complementary kind of medicine is just fantastic. So glad you enjoyed your stay at Fountains Court and that you benefited from it. Looking forward to hearing how everything progresses. Helen


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