I’m a what … ?


A stranger walks up to the reception desk at Fountains Court. ‘I’d like to buy a voucher’, he says …

‘certainly’ says I. (ignore the budgie, though do take note of books by the salt lamp)

… ‘for my wife,’ he says. ‘For her birthday, £50 please.’

I beam and take his  card to make the transaction, from the corner of my eye I see him looking at the small stack of Homo spiritus lying on the counter. He picks one up, turns it over, sees my photo and glances at me.

‘You’ve written a book,’ he says.

‘Yes’, I say and hand him the  card machine.

‘What’s it about?’ he asks, tapping in his pin number.

I pause, never an easy answer. Then I say,  ‘it’s about you … and me … and every human being on this planet.’

He flicks me a ‘look’ and hands me back the card machine then continues to study the back cover. ‘Who are Farthing Publishers?’

His voice is pleasant enough; however, I feel a prickle of defence so quickly switch to Homo spiritus mode; dropping my shackles I breathe, smile and tell him they are a small, independent local publisher.

‘Did you try any of the big publishers?’ He asks.

‘No’, says I. ‘Never considered it, not for this book.’

‘Why’s that, then?’

‘You gotta be kidding,’ I say. ‘Finding an agent? Years to get it into print, if ever? Besides, I want to keep control,  from conception to delivery and I’ve loved every step of the way.’ (Okay, just slightly defensive.)

I hand this mysterious man his voucher and he takes it and says,  ‘aah, so you’re an Indie author, then.’

It wasn’t a question.

I blink. ‘I’m a what?’

‘Indie’  … it’s been around a while.’ He spells it for me. ‘Look it up.’

He reaches out to me and we shake hands.

He smiles. ‘Good luck, Helen Marriott.’

So I do look up Indie and it is short for ‘Independent’;  it means following your own mind; it means being original; it means ‘going it alone’ despite what the mainstream does; it refers to music, film, fashion, books, or just being you.

I then realise two things, Indie can also mean Transformational Change because that too starts with the individual; secondly, so many of my friends on face book and twitter are Indies … florists, crafts, jewellers, film makers, astrologers, poets, music and song writers, or individuals with a unique sense of dress, cake-bakers  …

Lastly … despite low or zero profit, Indies do what they do, anyway.

I salute you ALL.

2 thoughts on “I’m a what … ?

  1. Hi Helen would love to get a copy of your book. I’ve got to say I never thought an eye operation for a macula hole with tear would be the start of new beginnings… Amazing people who just went the extra mile not only have they repaired the hole but corrected my shortsightedness which created it in the first place… Could also be remaining cause of migraines as nobody realised how much stress the severe shortsightedness was causing my body as my brain tried frantically to keep my vision working. It’s early days on my recovery only had operation Monday 12th June however the enforced rest and recuperation a full 7 days face down for 45 minutes in every hour gave me so much time for thinking reflection and meditation I feel amazingly well and full of energy.. Another 5 weeks to go but meantime enjoying my garden all thanks to a short break at a special place called fountains court way back in 2008 when I had become an independent person after a 30 year marriage. I’m sure the angels, Big guy the universe knew I needed you and your wonderful team A huge and heartfelt thankyou. My whole life has changed as you know.


    1. Hi Dee, that is such great news! What an amazing story, to transform a horrid situation into something quite special! I’d love you to read Homo spiritus, you will recognise yourself, I’m sure. You can but if off Lulu or Amazon Prime or the next time you visit FC. In a few weeks I hope to have it on kindle if you prefer an e book. I’ll post a blog when that happens. Hope the next 5 weeks go well. Keep in touch.


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