Decision Time!


Indecision can be a torturous state of mind … from deciding what to wear; choosing a take-away or which sweeties to buy … so when it comes to a General Election and you know you want to use your vote but you don’t know who to believe and have no strong convictions, who are you going to vote for?

In the homeopathic system of 38 Remedies created by Dr Edward Bach (a Homo spiritus if ever there was one!) there are 2 Flower Remedies that can help with indecision:

Cerato: If you seek advice from other people to help you make up your mind and even then don’t feel any conviction and finally run out of people to ask, or make a decision and then regret it, this remedy can help you know your own Mind.

Scleranthus: If your mind is constantly changing and you internalise the agony of decision – ‘yes, no’; ‘shall I, shan’t I’; ‘this one, that one’; then this remedy can also help you know your own Mind.

Bearing in mind that some personalities can tend towards ‘fence sitting’ and that this can be a strength, when it comes to a General Election and you feel you want to vote then a little help can go a long.

And, if you recognise yourself as an indecisive sort, it is well worth buying one or both of these remedies to help you along life’s journey. Keep them in a drawer and take two drops in a glass of water; better still, put the drops in a bottle of spring water and sip throughout the day.

(p.s. As a qualified Bach Flower Practitioner I can tell you the Bach Remedies have been my constant ‘friends’ for 30 years; in fact, as a therapist practicing in several modalities at Fountains Court, the Bach Flower Remedies (of Rescue Remedy fame) are my favourite!)

(p.p.s. Homeopathy has a bad press, partly because it is incomprehensible to a science based on organic chemistry; however, my next book, titled ‘Three Worlds’ should help explain this extraordinary ‘vibrational’ medicine.)

election remedies

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