Update on Book Sales – May

We have now sold the first 50 copies!! Just so you know, books can be purchased direct from me – call in to my hotel, Fountains Court in Scarborough  or call on telephone 01723 381118, card, cash or cheques. My price £9.50 (add £2.00 f0r P&P.)

Alternatively you can purchase the book online from Lulu by clicking here

2 thoughts on “Update on Book Sales – May

  1. Hi Helen, just settling down to read the last twenty or so pages of the book. It’s been a great read so far, very much in line with what I have learned ‘along the way’ and very much in line with the topics of my workshops. I like the way the book is written and the use of ‘characters’ to illustrate ideas. How the idea of loops (which I have been calling behaviour patterns) seems to simplify things, the ideas about reversing loops and all the linking back to evolution and human development. Andrea is keen to read it next … I’ve been fighting to keep it out of her hands all day! Ha ha. I’m certain its a best seller !! Kind Regards Craig


    1. Hi Craig, believe it or not I have only just discovered how to reply to comments! Blogging can be quite complex! Slowly getting the hang of it all. Thank you so much for taking the time to both read Homo spiritus and to get in touch, shall be interested to know what Andrea’s reaction is, but then you are both a long way down that journey so nothing will come as a surprise to either of you!


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