Transformational Change



There I was, thinking I had invented a new phrase when I decided to google it and there it was! Already in use as a new Business Model – Bravo! see Helen Marriott.

In my words, Transformational Change  means us … society … you and me … taking steps towards a BIG shift in our mind-set; changing the way we habitually behave with ancestral knee-jerk reactions to emotional situations.

I guess even shopping can be an emotional situation for one reason or another, so basically it’s about evolving from an ’emotional’ homo sapiens to a more ‘spiritual’ being – a hard thing to define but how about ‘someone who worries less about the ego yet develops a strong sense of Self – as part of a greater Whole’ ?

In fact, my first published book ‘Homo spiritus – a different kind of Human’ is all about this transformation and suggests 6 steps that may help towards this goal.

To be honest, the book doesn’t say anything new – maybe just a little differently – and there are hundreds of authors, ‘light-workers’, healers, therapists, philanthropists, entrepreneurs etc. who are already taking steps and building platforms for this very same purpose.

Some of them may even not be aware they are doing so 🙂

We all know it is time to change but it ain’t easy to reverse thousands of years of habitual thought patterns and behaviour. However, I and many others, believe it is possible to change and when this change reaches a  Critical Mass then it starts to be imprinted on the human genome and transformation begins.

If you count yourself among us do please share this blog and use this page to share your experiences, insights, struggles and successes and any articles or stories that illustrate a Homo spiritus at their work – often quietly, unrecognised  and with no fanfare of trumpets.

It’s time to focus on a new dawn, no matter the darkness that surrounds us. It’s time to TALK OUR WALK!