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Hello and welcome to my blog.  My name is Helen Marriott – I’m an author, therapist and hotelier – with a difference!

Why different? Because my whole theme is Transformational Change and as an author I weave fact with fiction and fiction with fact, aiming to Inform and Entertain my readers – from teens to centenarians – blending real-life events with fictional characters and vice-versa, frequently with outcomes that surprise even myself. See about me.

If you’d like to purchase a Kindle copy of my book, Homo spiritus, please click here.

As a therapist of more than 25 years, I blend ‘mind, body and spirit’ therapies into a bespoke treatment which also tends towards personal Transformation, frequently with outcomes that surprise both my client and myself.

And as a Hotelier? … well, in a past life I was a Cordon Bleu Chef so when I fulfilled a dream and created  a Wellbeing hotel called Fountains Court, preparing and cooking tasty and nutritious meals was no problem.

All I then needed was a great team to help with reception, housekeeping etc and guess what? They just walked through the front door.

So, why Transformational Change? Well, to be honest, I thought this strap-line was my inspiration but I googled it, just in case … and ye gods! It was there – big time but as a Business Model which went something like this:

”A business orientated term defined as ‘a complete change in an organisation, designed to bring big improvements …’

A term that addresses ‘individual and collective behaviour – including culture, mind-sets and capabilities …’

I mean, WOW! So I’ve high jacked it and with no apologies ‘cos it was also my idea and when you visit Homo spiritus you’ll understand why.

Transformational Change is starting to happen everywhere – not just regarding ‘mind, body & spirit’ – but also within the fields of music, fashion, art, films, fiction, banking, business, leadership … it’s slow and sometimes there is resistance.

This blog is about encouraging those taking part to TALK OUR WALK. So let’s link-up together to bring to light The Field of All Possibilities.

I do hope you enjoy browsing my Blog and I’d love to hear from you if anything resonates, interests or requires clarification.

Hopefully I will be updating my blog on a weekly basis with all sorts of inspirational posts including photos, recipes, quotes, news, health-tips and Comment of the Week – if you send me a message that really inspires Transformational Change I’d love to share it.

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